OTV: LOL : Episode 7: Part 1/8

OTV: LOL : Episode 7: Part 1/8

OTV: LOL : Episode 7: Part 1/8 October 4 2009 Elie Ayyoub
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to OTV: LOL : Episode 7: Part 1/8

  1. RacistBracist says:


  2. hussain2012alobaid says:


  3. DigitalAcidd says:

    i thought i would see lol moments..

    At least voices/language sounded funny :D

  4. 12Edix21 says:

    669,430 now :D

  5. hdalank says:

    hisham fez3an

  6. withFxshy says:


  7. Modyw94 says:

    هشام , رهيييييييييييييييب
    اهضم مقدم

  8. azzahfelmoqaddas says:

    ayre bi salibak

  9. azzahfelmoqaddas says:

    ayre bi salibak
    ayre bi boulousak

  10. zorro45252 says:

    نايكين اخواتك اللبنانيين يا Ibm1416 

  11. alyrazor1 says:

    ma kess ella emak ya ebn l a7be ayre b labloub e5tak ya mo55a

  12. stargate2036 says:

    Lebanese people are amazing ((fuck Saudi Arabia and fuck all saaod the son of bitch

  13. MrChristleb says:

    ayre bi m7amadak

  14. gznstarlol says:

    it has already increased.

  15. yasser3400 says:

    القرد نصراوي ههههههههههههه^^

  16. Ibm1416 says:

    كس امهم هاللبنانيين الحراميه

  17. ahmed masoud says:

    its jokes

  18. gznstarlol says:

    The fuck i understand what they’re talking about.

  19. tarek12mig says:

    LOL the funny think i understand what they saying !!

  20. tarek12mig says:

    LOL yea

  21. TheMo7trm says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 7eloooo

  22. faisal A says:

    خفة الدم في وادي و اللي فوق في وادي ثاني
    سمااااااجة منقطعة النظير

  23. gangaweed says:

    ثقل دم غريب !!!!!!!!!!!!!! هل كل اللبنانيين كذلك؟؟؟

  24. astrega says:

    Ronald is the cutest thing…..

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